Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials & Sustainable Swaps

Zero waste bathroom? It does sound like a bit of an unrealistic doesn’t it? Looking at the whole picture and the philosophy behind zero waste: take only what you need and redesign or re-imagine our use of products, using only that which can be reused or composted, rather than sent to landfills or incinerated.

Fortunately, with some simple changes and swaps it’s an easy fix towards a zero waste bathroom.

  • SMILE and SWITCH from plastic toothbrush to bamboo toothbrush.

Yeah, we know plastic toothbrushes are cheap and come in a rainbow of colours, but they’re devastating the environment. Billions of them get thrown away annually.

Bamboo toothbrushes are super accessible these days and bamboo it’s a quick replenishing resource, just be sure to remove the bristles before composting as no bamboo toothbrush (yet, at least) has truly compostable bristles.

Check out our selection of them.

If you’re a frequent flosser, switch over to zero waste floss. Yup, this is a thing too! And haven’t you ever thought how crazy it is that with regular floss they package it in such excessive plastic for the little amount of floss you actually get? Same goes to interdental brushes. Why not swapping them into bamboo brushes ?


Once you’ve knocked off the big ticket items, you can start looking for little things on the road towards a zero waste bathroom. Q-tips, or cotton swabs, are are not meant to be used to clean your ears, most audiologists actually advocate against this (it can impact wax and damage the ear canal). Anyhow, changing your plastic q-tips to bamboo q-tips is a good idea.

Another come back product from the days of old!

This little cloth product is super versatile and can replace far more than just makeup rounds. It can be also used to remove face mask or apply toner. Washable, reusable make up removal pads are made from linen and cotton. They are are designed to remove your make up or wash your face. Super soft, great for sensitive skin and area around the eyes. Made from 2 layers of soft linen and cotton terry.

  • UPGRADE your face and body sponges to plant based KONJAC sponges

You might be asking – what are Konjac sponges and why do I need one?

These special little sponges might not look like much but they are the ultimate tool for effective skincare! Made from Konjac fibres, a type of potato growing wild in high altitudes in Asia, these sponges are 100% vegan and biodegradable. Naturally alkaline, they are gentle on skin and perfect for sensitive skin and babies!

Use in the morning with water to gently exfoliate and cleanse your face and then again with water or your favourite face wash at the end of the day. Hang to dry and use time and time again till they are ready to be composted!

Just like the zero waste journey itself, there is no perfect zero waste bathroom out there. It’s a spectrum and we all land somewhere on the line. It’s just great to make incremental improvements over time. Stick to healthy essentials and the items, that you actually need.



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